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This is the time of the festival in the HR technology market as The World famous HR tech conference is going to be held from September 11-14, 2018 in Las Vegas. The event is a world-class gathering of tech giants and players to meet the existing and potential clients. The four pillars of this event are Steve Boese, HR Tech Columnist, Dave Shadovitz- Editor in chief, HR Executive, Jeane Achille – HR technology Expert and Bill Kutik- Technology Columnist. Acreaty LLC is going to mark its presence in the world largest HR tech expo-2018.

Like every year the event is going to be the world-class platform for various service providers to interact with each other and can demonstrate and learn the things going around the world to make their business more efficient and reliable with the best practice of technology in their system. The HR technology market event is going to help many organizations to well upgrade with the modern HR technologies around the world. It allows people to speak with business professionals under one roof and showcase the best technology feature about their company, which in lead to be the perfect networking environment, which enables business professionals from a different part of countries interacting for their future growth of the business.

Acreaty – We deliver what we learn and practice.

‘Acreaty’, headquartered in India and strongly present across Various sub-continents around the world including The USA, Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East. Established in the year 2001, The company is in Business Development, HR solutions, Web Development and also providing the complete outsourcing solutions. Acreaty is participating in the largest HR tech expo with the vision to explore and learn the new technology at the Venetian in Las Vegas. Acreaty LLC is a subdivision of ‘Acreaty Group” who works on a vision of delivering global quality services across various industries. The company has been among the top 10 most admired corporate recruitment companies, Nurtured under the leadership of Executive Business Director, Mr Paramjit Anand. The company understands the role of modern technology and with this learning, as the new byproducts launched by the organization to minimize the gap between both recruiters and the candidates. The company understands the complexities of HR department and efficiently with innovation and research now able to fulfill the needs of the candidates and the employers. Traditionally HR was only into recruitment, with the advancement in the technology and the competition companies are looking into different aspects to excel in the various domains.

The main advantage of the job portal is to provide an employment platform for skilled and unskilled workers. The job portal website is providing jobs in various domains including Accounting, Automation, Operations, Real estate, IT & Hospitality. At Booth Number 133 the Acreaty group will be explaining the use of modern technology in the business and how it can transform the clients and consumer to share the same platform.

The company is successfully helping the employers and the candidates in Africa with one of the leading job portal i.e. This portal is providing new learnings for making continuous development and the same can be applied with more Planned and Demographic strategies in the USA’s business plan.


HR Expo-2018 featuring the role of Women in HR technology conference.

This year the largest HR tech expo is featuring the Women in HR tech. The main aim of the event is going to put the focus on gender equality in the workplace. We have seen a real-life context of how the women in our life are supporting us to be the best. We need to think in the same way for women, as they are the part of society and are also sharing the same potential as other men in the workplace. The gender-biased culture is internally making the corporate culture weak. The panel will highlight the problems and also with the help of research and data will provide the best practice to overcome the problems.

Arianna Huffington and Jennifer Morgan, the two businesswomen will speak about the HR technology benefits about employee health and wellbeing. The two will try to move the needle and may help to get the power of realization to promote women equally contribute to the society. HR technology is the best place to get best practice or the business from the other tech giants. It will help to increase the knowledge of implementing the new HR system and be the part of the rapidly changing HR technology Market.

The Events has its range of offering for the attendees and for the exhibitors, Which includes the HR tech Experience, HR tech Market Report, Speakers from different domains, e-reports, Idea and Innovation talks from well experienced speakers, Webinars, Sponsorship opportunities for the new or existing projects, Press publicity and also a big chance to excel in the world-class market with this top class independent event.

The main attractions include

Night Pub Crawl: Visitors can meet companies and learn about their products and services with some refreshments of beer, wine or cocktails. This enables the visitors to be the part of learning of the new or ongoing services by them

HR Tech talks: Get the latest news and information in the HR system so the business you are running can get more referrals and potential new projects. With their research and experience, the organization can take the measure of perfect employee engagement and best productivity with maximum retention.

Private Product Demos: The demo and explanation of the service providers can also help in understanding the more about the company and their products. The seekers can easily correlate it with their business so as to expand their business in various domains.

Free Guided tours: Many free guided tours are available for the visitors and Each tour will introduce you directly to 5 exhibiting companies that will give you a 5-minute overview of their product.

Startup Pavilions: You can discover various emerging market players, Go through the idea of their business and explore more to be the part of their business. You can meet the entrepreneurs who are trying to take the revolutionary step for the success.

Pitchfest: This enables you to get a proper view of various speakers from the first row of the seminar. Their learning and experience can be the best guidance of your business in the long run growth. Many technologists will be giving a short speech followed by judges question and audience voting and The winner of the pitch fest event is going to win$25 000.

HR Happy Hours: You can also enjoy some more time to explore the world largest HR tech expo to analyze the other companies and products with beer and complimentary drinks.

The offerings for you and for your organization.

With the offering of more than 400 products and service provider in this leading independent event, may help you to use the best technology around to gain expertise in the ongoing or startup venture. It will provide insight from ongoing and upcoming professionals who have marked themselves as the next generation of influencers in the HR technology event. With their experience of the journey from sea to the sky you can the idea about future of your business goals, this is going to be a mesmerizing event and it’s also the best way to expand the business in the various domains. The Product and services offered at the event include Payroll, Consulting, Employee and Manager Self-Service, Outsourcing, Recruitment, Talent Management, Training and Development, Workforce Analytics Management and Planning and Many more.

The thing you will like about this event is that it is continuously improving every year with learnings from its past experience, new ideas and concept can help your business to reshape into the perfect business modal and with improved HR functions, your organization can sustain that position.

The new technologies for the HR session can also enable your organization to bring the best suitable change in your business edge technologies. This will also give you a big opportunity to be around many of the brightest people around the globe. Inspiration is one of the key factors to make things more impactful, the conference is not just for the HR people but for everyone who knows the importance of technology. This enables the companies to be more efficient and competitive among others; the event is one of its types and enables the authentic service providers to be on your checklist. Various business providers, consultants and other experts in various domains are highly equipped with the best software and manpower. They help clients, visitors and other potential customers to reach the desired goals with them.

These event offerings are helping many organizations to completely change the way they look at the business. It will surely give you a new hope of being much more efficient and delivers the quality of service.

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